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C111 scent air diffuser is leading proprietary technology, the patented technology of micron atomization makes the aroma to spread quickly in the interior space fresh and lasting. Elegant appearance, easier to install and replace. Battery charge and the power supply charged optionally. This wall mounted air diffusers is power by 3 pieces AA battery or USB cable.


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Attention to Wall Mounted Air Diffusers : 

Please read this manual in detail before using the scent air diffuser and keep it carefully.

1. Please do not use overloaded power sockets, broken wire, and charger. It may endanger your safety and cause a fire, please replace in time if it happens;

2. Please do not try to open the shell of the device. Please contact seller timely if any abnormality.

3. Please do not invert the device after filling oil in case of leaking and causing damage.

Working Principle

Scent air diffuser adopts cold two-fluid atomization technology, the high-speed collision of cold air hits aroma oil into the nanoscale mist, the machine sprays the mist out of the atomizer, the scent flows along through the air.

Application of C111 Scent Air Diffuser 

Apply to hotel lobby,shopping mall,exhibit,banquet,office building,salon,mosque,KTV,etc.