Product Description


Brief Introduction: 

A313 is a diffuser device to be suitable for the medium-sized commercial places by creating a fragrant atmosphere, it uses the advanced physical atomized technology to transfer the liquid scented oil into the Aroma, and it spreads quickly to the environment through the auxiliary gas flow, then to maximize the flavour coverage performance and aroma concentration. The device can be fixed directly onto the wall so that can replace the fragrance oil easily, and the customers can replace the fragrance oil according to the New Theme and different Seasons. The Concentration Setting device and built-in 24 hours/1 week timer system can adjust the concentration of flavour release in different environments by the customer.

Fragrance Oil Installation and Replacement

If using it for the first time, please install the oil bottle first then connect the power and do the related settings.

Installation: Align snail mouth, then tighten the oil bottle clockwise and fix it.

Replacement: Cut off the power, make the empty oil bottle off from the snail mouth by anticlockwise. Then open the sealed new oil bottle, tighten the oil bottle by clockwise. Then turn on the power.

Aroma Diffuser Maintenance: 

If the equipment will be stopped using for a long time, we must clean the whole equipment with alcohol before we pack it.

Operations: fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol, and turn on the equipment to run 10-15mmintues, then turn off the power, pour off the alcohol.

Caution: the aroma diffuser is required to clean every 1–3 months.

Application for Scent Diffuser for Hotel:

Beauty Salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, Living room, Conference room, Office, Reception centre, Corridor, Pet room, Toilet, Baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private, Public circumstance.

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