Product Description



C111 room scent diffuser atomized particles reach to Micron level, fragrance perfectly fuses with air, no residue and fragrance last for long. Battery charger and power supply charged optionally. Mocha black and diamond white optional, leading fashion. Bathroom Fragrance Diffuser is this year’s brand new model.

Product Images:

Installation of C111 Room Scent Diffuser:

1. Insert the key to unlock the cover, then take out oil canister;

2. Put 3 pieces of AA battery into the machine (or connect DC power);

3. Fill canister with oil, and assemble oil canister with an atomizer, then embed it into the device;

4. Set working time and lock the cover to start;

5. Follow the installation diagram as below to hang it on the wall.

After-Sales Service: 

The warranty is 1 year from the date of sale, not including device shell, electric wires, the outer pipe and the other vulnerable parts, as well as the damage caused by human or accident. Permanent maintaining of value will be provided if the machine exceeds the warranty.

If there are any issues of after-sales, please contact authorized sales service in the corresponding area, or contact Sales Center directly.

Factory Information for Bathroom Fragrance Diffuser:

*We specialized in developing and selling many kinds of aroma diffuser and essential oil for 7 years, which well known to all over the world.

*We have Professional research & design department, we will produce new design diffuser almost every year.

*Becoming the biggest manufacturer, we have large-scale manufacturing management and quality- control with 3,000 square meters workshop and we plan to expand our working place in the near future.

*The products passed many kinds of authorized certification.

*All product designed to work longer, so that to make you assured with the working and machine lifespan, which it help to save cost.

Aroma Diffuser Maintenance :

If the aroma diffuser will be stopped using for a long time, we must clean the whole equipment with alcohol before we pack it.

Operations: fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol, and turn on the equipment to run 10-15mmintues, then turn off the power, pour off the alcohol.

Caution: the aroma diffuser is required to clean every 1–3 months.