Product Description


Hot Sale HVAC Scent Delivery System for 2000m3 of Medium Space 

Introduction : 

A333 scent delivery system adopts cold air atomization principle, which is combined high-tech quality. Built-in long-life compressed air motor, to keep the working life up to 8000 hours. The machine controlled by microcomputer system to adjust varied working time and fragrance concentration, that is easy to operate and provide a good environment.

It’s with stable performance and HVAC system covering the medium area of 2000 cubic meters, and available for various occasions.

Special Features:

1, Stand-alone scent delivery system and connect to the HVAC system.

2, Working with a timer program.

3, Stable function with a strong metal material.

4, Changeable atomizer & atomization corn.

5, Easy to replace the oil bottle.

6, More powerful with power supply than the battery.

7, Environmental fragrance distribution uniform.

8, Support setting work date according to your needs.

How Does it Work

Scent delivery system adopts cold two-fluid atomization technology, the high-speed collision of cold air hits aroma oil into nano scale mist, the machine sprays the mist out of the atomizer, the scent flows along through the air.

Am I Able to Refill the Essential Oil

Yes, you can refill the bottle when the essential oil is run out. Only essential oil and ethyl alcohol could be atomized by our product. The essential oil is for scenting, and alcohol is for cleaning and maintaining, other liquid items will do damage the equipment.

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