Product Description


HVAC Scent Delivery System for 5000 CBM 

Introduction of Hotel Lobby Scent Diffuser:

A444 scent delivery system adopts air & fluid mixed atomization technology, to diffuse fragrance oil as small as Nano aromatic molecule. The device has an HVAC system connection to cover 5000 cubic meters. It’s with microcomputer intelligent control panel, which has 4 groups of working period and set as per your requirement. And atomizer core of the device is adopted plug-pull design, that easy to replace and maintain.


Key Functions:

*Strong power and diffusion, working with HVAC, fragrance spread evenly.

*Simple to operate, with timing program and memory function, do not need to repeatedly adjust.

*Permanent electromagnetic periodic oscillation motion type pump, reducing the motor friction, so that it can decrease the working noise.

*Intermittent work, energy saving and environmental protection.

*Timing program, the diffuser will automatically stop working according to your setting, save cost.

*Quiet and efficient working diffuser for hotel Lobby.


Scent Delivery System Maintenance :

*If the Hotel Lobby Scent Diffuser equipment will be stopped using for a long time, we must clean the whole equipment with alcohol before we pack it.

* Operations: fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol, and turn on the equipment to run 10-15mmintues, then turn off the power, pour off the alcohol.

*Caution: the aroma diffuser is required to clean every 1–3 months.



Q. What is the material of this Scent delivery system?

A. Most are durable anti-corrosion metal metal, plastic or aluminum.

Q. Can I order a sample for testing before bulk order?

A. Yes, 1 to 3 days

Q. How to ensure the best diffusing effect and maintain device?

A. Fill some alcohol into oil canister which is spent and clean it. Then install the canister filling with alcohol on the device, and make the device stay in working status for 5-10 minutes. Finally, take out the canister to finish cleaning.

Q. What kind of canister could be applicable for this scent delivery system? Where can we buy it?

A. There is a standard canister for each model, and each machine is equipped with one empty canister.

Q: How to connect to HVAC System?

A: Use a tube to connect the fragrance system with Air duct, then the scent will come out as air flow.


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